Seminars in English

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Seminars in English

Seminars in English

International business relationships and locations, immigration of skilled workers: These trends show how important communication in English remains. Language training (find out about language training) and methodical communication training provide sustained support. This post is about the latter. We are expanding our range of training courses to include communication training courses in English!

Below is some information about our seminars in English.


Of course, the need for topics related to communication within teams or professional development also applies to international teams. Why would it be any different? Communication training provides an invaluable set of approaches to working effectively and appreciatively, especially in sales, purchasing, teams, development, production, and human resources work, or generally in relation to conflict management, team culture, leadership skills, etc. The methodological and social skills enhanced by our training (find out about communication training) are a lasting asset for the company. In connection with the above trends that are bringing specialists and executives from abroad are increasing company-specific requests for communication training in English. That is why we are also adapting our open range of seminars with training courses conducted in English. What do we have so far?

Target group seminars in English

We now offer three subjects in English: employee motivation fundamentals, from employee to leader, and project management. What are the courses about?

The added value

As a human resources development department, you expand the development opportunities of the workforce by reducing the potential inhibitions of international employees, such as language comprehension, in the training courses. At the same time, you promote the idea of diversity. As a result, it is proving to be a sustainable investment in the methodological and social skills of all specialists and managers.

Feel free to ask us for detailed information or view the course descriptions and dates here.

It’s your turn!

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Seminars in English
Seminars in English


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